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Alot snow today. Empty

Alot snow today.

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Alot snow today. Empty Alot snow today.

Post by Muskyman on December 9th 2009, 11:14 pm

Today my dad and I were been outside at 7am til 12:30pm, shoveling and atv plowing snow so we were exhausted deal with alot 14" wet snow (more weight). But its ok, keep us busy outside and enjoy winter storm! cheers Alot snow today. 101545 Alot snow today. 333483 Heres a few pics I took it today.

The frontyard and driveway.
Alot snow today. 100_5465

starting to use atv to plowing the snow.
Alot snow today. 100_5466

the snow weight on the branches down to the ground. Some branched are breaking so have to cut some too..
Alot snow today. 100_5467

The backyard and Fox Lake.
Alot snow today. 100_5469

The backyard and my jimmy truck got cover the snow.
Alot snow today. 100_5475

My jimmy truck...
Alot snow today. 100_5486

Geez the snow cover my another truck...
Alot snow today. 100_5473

Bubba enjoy the winter storm!
Alot snow today. 100_5481

Fox Lake, the snow weight it on the ice, some are wet spots.. But its going to be 0 degree tonight so it will be hard as solid soon!
Alot snow today. 100_5479

Alot snow today. 100_5480

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Alot snow today. Empty Re: Alot snow today.

Post by North Star 1 on December 10th 2009, 9:09 am

For as much as i like snow and for as much as we need it here for the moisture im glad we didn't get that much here as we are not done cutting wood yet for winter heat. Them are some really impressive pics buddy and really cool, that can be a lot of work that is for sure glad it was there and not here lololol thanks for sharing the pics with us. affraid cheers
North Star 1
North Star 1

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Alot snow today. Empty Re: Alot snow today.

Post by bluegill on December 10th 2009, 10:39 am

Awesome scenery pics, Andrew!~! It amazes me of the landscaping there! It is georgous! Like Mike said, I'm glad that you got the snow and not me. It has been terribly cold here too, with high winds the last couple days. We always look forward to your pics/posts! Thanks for sharing with us!~!

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Alot snow today. Empty Re: Alot snow today.

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