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Hundreds attend benefit event for students hit by train

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Hundreds attend benefit event for students hit by train

Post by bluegill on December 28th 2009, 9:35 am


Hundreds turned out yesterday for a fund-raiser for the families of two Springfield High School students who were hit by a train earlier this month.

Brianna Mullinger, 16, was critically injured and Cody Brown, 15, was killed Dec. 16 when they were struck by an Amtrak train they had tried to outrun at a crossing while walking to school.

At least a dozen teen-aged friends of the victims donned aprons all day to help serve the crowd who continuously flowed into Jed's restaurant, 855 South Holland-Sylvania Rd. The parking lot remained packed from noon on, and the restaurant maintained a waiting list for tables.

"If you know anything about the Springfield community, it's a family," said volunteer Dorianne Cox, who helped organize the event on behalf of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. "If it touches one of us, it touches all of us."

Nearby were Mrs. Cox's children. Lexi, 15, acted as hostess while Andrew, 14, helped wash dishes. Both knew the teens.

Andrew said Brianna was his section leader for trumpet in the Springfield High School concert band. He played Little League baseball with Cody and shared a locker with him in gym class.

Andrew said he helped yesterday "to make it as easy as possible for their families."

The restaurant was to donate 15 percent of its food sales to the victims' families.

The event also raised funds with a $5 cover charge at the door and a silent auction that featured donations of such big-ticket items as a recliner, a signed Detroit Tigers baseball, and a digital entertainment system.

Some 200 T-shirts sold for $10 were styled as baseball jerseys, which was Cody's favorite sport, and featured the Springfield logo with "Cody 'N Bri" on the front, and "Remember yesterday; live for today; hope for tomorrow," on the back.

Kaitlyn Casper-Mayer, 15, who said she met Brianna and Cody in seventh grade, worked as a server during the fund-raiser. The day before, she had visited Brianna in the critical care unit at Toledo Hospital. She said Brianna's condition is improving, and the Mullinger family expects she will be transferred out of critical care within days.

"She was making jokes, laughing and smiling," Kaitlyn said.

Brianna had surgery to amputate one of her legs two days after the accident, and contracted a MRSA staph infection last week. Her condition improved Christmas Day, however, when she was successfully taken off a ventilator and had her first conversation with family since the accident, according to a Web site maintained by her mother, Teri Mullinger.

She remained in serious condition last night, a Toledo Hospital spokesman said.

Contact Bridget Tharp at: btharp@theblade.com
or 419-724-6086.

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Re: Hundreds attend benefit event for students hit by train

Post by North Star 1 on December 28th 2009, 10:14 am

I think that this is sick just for having such a thing, the kids were MORONS and old enough to know better than to do what they did, what the hell is wrong with people rewarding families of stupid stunts there kids do. I don't care if you don't like what i just said it's the truth, just like letting you kid drive before they know what the hell they are doing. Every year we have kids killed at the age of 16 years, in my book even 18 is to young but if the would educate these kids from 16 till they graduate i believe that there would be less deaths on our highways and our kids would still be alive.

We just had a 16 year old that was driving to school about 3 months ago, the weather was great it was 8AM in the morning and he was driving his daddy's JAG and he crossed the center line and hit head on into a little old lady that was on her way to have coffee with her daughter and friends, guess what she didn't make it and her last words was that HE JUST CAME INTO MY LANE and she died on the scene.

These kids that tried to out run the train well i just don't have a good thing to say about this other than i feel sorry for the parents having to deal with there kids stupidity and have to live with that the rest of there lives.
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Re: Hundreds attend benefit event for students hit by train

Post by bluegill on December 29th 2009, 10:43 am

I completely agree with you, Mike...

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Re: Hundreds attend benefit event for students hit by train

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