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Toledoan accused of stealing from community center

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Toledoan accused of stealing from community center

Post by bluegill on January 12th 2010, 9:57 am

I understand that the economy sucks and all, but good grief..... Stealing from special needs people of ALL people??????? I hope that they lock her up for the rest of her life and throw away the key. She does NOT deserve to be in today's society because she will NEVER be trusted again..... Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad

A woman accused of stealing more than $200,000 from a local community center has been indicted.

It has been a devastating time for Saint Paul's Community Center. Lisa Duda, 39, who worked for the agency for 5 years, was indicted Friday and is accused of stealing more than $225,000.

The president of the board at Saint Paul's says a bank auditor noticed some discrepancies last Fall. "She was a 30 year employee who advised us on her experience that she suspected something was wrong," he remembers. The group turned the records over to police.

Saint Paul's offers medical help, meals, transitional housing, and helps those who are deemed incompetent of handling their own funds. Duda managed 150 accounts for the community center. Police say she stole money from 30 clients.

Now the community center is trying to mend and repair its image and regain the communities trust. They've hired a new auditor, and now all accounts will be checked by another account manager.

Insurance has helped Saint Paul's recover some of the lost funds, and all the stolen money has been restored to clients.

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